Winter Whimsy; mixing media

Posted on December 21, 2016

Bunny & racoon skating
Inspired by the urban wildlife of Toronto, I wanted to illustrate some “critters” enjoying the winter weather.
The challenge for me is always trying to find different ways to combine the traditional ink line work that I love to do with texture and digital painting.
What seems to work best is to work with less colour which allows me to highlight the line work. Then I can have fun with
painted or photographed textures and pops of bright colour and bring the main characters more into focus. I look forward to a lot more experimentation with colour and line in 2017!

Wishing you a fun-filled winter and a very Happy New Year!

Choosing the right vintage

Posted on September 11, 2016

rightvintage_blogWhat fun! Branding for a vintage clothing store! Here are 3 concepts presented for the branding of a new shop up in Vaughan, just north of Toronto, for Bomar Textiles Inc. These  3 variations display a range of “moods” from pretty and feminine to up-scale chic to  “biker-girl grunge”. Check out the happy mix we ended up with under “identity” in my graphic design portfolio. I created signage for the store, business cards and an opening postcard as well as one color logos for stamps on their shopping bags. I really enjoyed searching for the “retro” shots!

a work in progress

Posted on July 5, 2016

IMG_0165This new site has been a long time coming and there’s still a lot to do. It is a work in progress, like pretty much everything else in my life. I think I’m making peace with that- which is a good thing because I want to get back to the things that inspired me to do what I do in the first place instead of always thinking in terms of deadlines and finishing things.

I’m thinking this might be a great place to show “work in progress” or work that never made it to print and the design concepts not chosen that were maybe my favorite, but not the client’s, all the messy, unrefined bits that sometimes end up over edited and a little too watered down. I’m looking forward to sharing!